Die „Spezialformel“ ist frei von SLES, MLS, ALS, SULFAT, PARABENEN und Salz und wird ohne die Verwendung von aus Erdöl gewonnenen Rohstoffen formuliert.

  • Das Haarshampoo ist ein multifunktionales Produkt, das sowohl das Haar als auch die Kopfhaut reinigt und Krusten- und Schuppenprobleme beseitigt. Zusätzlich ist es speziell formuliert, um die geschädigte Haarstruktur zu reparieren und wiederherzustellen.
  • Das Haarshampoo ist auch effektiv bei der Reduzierung von Rötungen, Juckreiz und brennenden Schmerzen aufgrund seiner antihistaminischen Wirkung.
  • Das Haarshampoo ist so formuliert, dass es einen pH-Wert zwischen 6 und 6,2 aufrechterhält, der den Reparaturprozess der Kopfhaut unterstützt, deren natürliche Florastruktur beeinträchtigt sein könnte.
  • Die „Spezialformel“ des Haarshampoos enthält eine leistungsstarke Mischung von Inhaltsstoffen, darunter pflanzliche Stammzellen, Capixyl, Redensyl, Procapil, S.DNA, GF-Faktor, Anagain, Biotin, Keratin, Sägepalmetto (natürliches Finasterid) und ein Aminosäurenkomplex. Diese Mischung ist speziell entwickelt, um Haarausfall zu verhindern, die Dicke des Haarwuchses zu erhöhen und die Elastizität zu verbessern.
  • Das Haarshampoo enthält Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Gotu Kola und Beta-Glucan, die zusammenarbeiten, um den Stress auf der Kopfhaut zu reduzieren.
  • Das Haarshampoo enthält auch Aminosäuren und Proteine, die bei der Blutreinigung, der Beseitigung von Krusten und der Förderung schneller Heilung helfen können.

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Stem CellStem Cell
Stem cells are the most important cells in the skin. They are the source for continuous regeneration of the epidermis, the formation of new hair and hair pigments. Active plant cell technology works to increase the lifespan of hair follicles so that the hair can stay longer in the anagen phase of the hair.
Sodium DNA is an important structural component of nucleic acids and cofactors that play a crucial role in DNA metabolism. It is essential for cellular repair and tissue regeneration processes, making it a vital component for maintaining overall health and wellness. Without adequate levels of sodium DNA, the body’s ability to repair damaged cells and tissues may be compromised, which can lead to various health issues. Thus, ensuring adequate levels of sodium DNA is crucial for promoting and maintaining optimal health.
imageSaw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto, also known as Serenoa, is a type of palm tree. It is known for its ability to slow down hair loss and help promote hair regrowth by stopping the 5-alpha reductase enzyme or reducing the uptake of Dihydro Testosterone by hair follicles. This plant has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and is widely available in supplement form as well as being included in hair care products. Saw Palmetto is believed to help reduce inflammation, improve hair quality, and increase the thickness of hair strands. Its effectiveness as a natural hair loss treatment is still being studied, but many people have reported positive results after using it for several months.
image Redensyl
Redensyl is a hair care ingredient that has been shown to help promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. It is a patented blend of natural compounds, including dihydroquercetin-glucoside and glycine, which work together to activate stem cells in the hair follicles and increase the number of hair-producing cells. Redensyl is often used in hair care products, including shampoos and serums, to help boost hair density and thickness.
image Procapil
Procapil is a natural hair growth stimulant and anti-hair loss ingredient that contains procyanidin B2, a flavonoid derived from plants. It is useful for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss by targeting the main causes of hair loss, such as poor blood circulation, follicle aging, and follicle atrophy. Procapil strengthens the hair follicles, improves blood flow to the scalp, and prolongs the growth phase of hair. It is commonly used in hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and serums, as an active ingredient to help promote healthier and thicker hair growth.
image Panthenol
Panthenol is an alcohol derivative of pantothenic acid, a component of the B complex vitamins. Acts as a mega-moisturizer. Smooths hair strands. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Can help with thinning hair.
image Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola is a plant species that grows on weak stems in and around swampy waters, covering the soil or water surface. Its native range includes India, Indonesia, China, and Southeast Asia. This plant has been recognized as a medicinal herb in France since the 1880s. Gotu Kola is known to stimulate collagen production and fibroblasts, making it effective in wound healing. Additionally, it is believed to have a positive effect on cognitive function, reducing anxiety and improving memory. In traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, Gotu Kola has been used to treat a variety of ailments, such as varicose veins, leprosy, and skin diseases. It is also commonly used as a dietary supplement and ingredient in skincare products due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
image Capxyl
Capixyl is a patented complex of natural active ingredients that has been shown to help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. It contains a combination of red clover extract and acetyl tetrapeptide-3, which work together to improve the overall health of the scalp and hair follicles. Capixyl is commonly used in hair care products, including shampoos and serums, to help strengthen and nourish the hair.
image Biotin
Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth; significantly strengthening and maintaining hair longer. It is naturally produced by yeast, bacteria, fungi and algae, and is an essential vitamin for hair care.
image Growth Factor
Growth Factor is a mesotherapy method that has been clinically proven to have an impact in the field of hair treatments, promoting hair growth, strengthening, and healthy growth. It contains vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, and reparative components that are necessary for the scalp and hair strands. The method involves injecting the growth factor solution into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. This treatment is commonly used for hair loss or thinning, and has been found to be effective in promoting hair regrowth and improving overall hair health.
image AnaGain
AnaGain is an active ingredient that is derived from organic pea sprouts. It is used in hair care products to help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. AnaGain is rich in nutrients, such as amino acids, peptides, and vitamins, which are essential for hair growth. It works by stimulating the dermal papilla cells in hair follicles, which helps to increase the number and thickness of hair fibers. AnaGain is often used in hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments, to help promote healthier and thicker hair growth.
imageBeta Glucan

Beta Glucan is a type of carbohydrate found in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and certain grains such as oats. It has antioxidant properties and is known to strengthen the immune system. Beta glucan is also used to support the treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. Its immunomodulatory effects have been extensively studied, and research has shown that it can enhance the activity of white blood cells, improve the body’s defense against infection, and reduce inflammation. Beta glucan is available in supplement form and is often used as a natural immune booster to support overall health and wellness.

image Allantoin

Allantoin is a compound that has been used in various fields for centuries and is commonly found in plants such as comfrey. Comfrey, also known as „Symphytum officinale“ in medical terminology and colloquially referred to as donkey ear or common comfrey, is one of the plants that contains allantoin. Allantoin has a high ability to moisturize dry skin and can be used in the care of all skin types, including the scalp. It is an ideal active ingredient for itchy and dry scalp.

imageAleo Vera

Aloe vera has many active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen your hair. It has fatty acids and amino acids and is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E. These play a part in healthy hair follicles. Controls greasy hair; Aloe vera has enzymes that break down fats and so strips your hair of any extra oil (sebum). Helps an itchy scalp; Seborrheic dermatitis is a common inflammatory skin condition that affects your scalp. It causes dandruff, red skin, and scaly patches.

image Collagen

Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in the body and provides structure to various tissues, including skin, bones, and hair. In the context of hair, collagen helps to nourish the oil layer at the base of hair follicles, promoting stronger connections between hair strands and follicles. This allows moisturizing effects from the oil layer to transfer to the hair, reducing dryness and improving hair health overall.

image Ceratine
Keratin is a vital protein that is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for the formation of hair and nails. It plays a crucial role in the structure of hair, creating a structure of scales on the outer cuticle, and forming the entire hair shaft with melanin in the cortex or inner layer. This important protein is not only crucial for hair, but also for skin and nails. The unique properties of keratin contribute to its strength, flexibility, and resistance to damage, making it an essential component of hair care products that aim to improve the health and appearance of hair.
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