Having acquired ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 22716, ISO 13485, and Ministry of Health GMP certificates from accredited institutions, MD Plus Bio has proven that it manufactures in world standards under modern and hygienic conditions in two different facilities it has specifically established for cosmetics and food supplements.

To maintain the trust of consumers, our company meticulously implements quality control processes that begin at input and continue through production and shipment.


As a company dedicated to its business, Md Plus Bio creates its formulations in its advanced laboratories without compromising on quality. We use only raw materials, special actives, and herbal extracts that meet Pharma quality European standards in our formulations. Each product under consideration is made from raw materials whose efficacy following European Regulations is supported by clinical studies.

We are delighted to provide you with accurate and dependable products in the cosmetic and food supplement product categories. Thanks to a team that is open to innovations and constantly developing in the R&D, P&D, and PRODUCTION stages, MD Plus Bio will continue to provide best products for your hair health.

Elit Pharma’s R&D team continues to keep up with cosmetics trends, expanding its product line with the most recent actives, and constantly improves existing products. As the manufacturer of a wide range of contract manufacturing products,

MD Plus Bio provides our customers with the freedom to develop a variety of products and formulas due to our extensive range of actives and herbal extracts.

ISO Quality Management System is a quality management system that enables the target audience addressed by a product or service to meet the quality criteria and make continuous updates to the production processes in order to satisfy its users.

 To be more specific, ISO Certificate shows the reliability of the company’s quality management system rather than the quality of the end product produced by a company. In other words, we understand that the companies having this certificate keep their quality at the highest level for a particular product class and always make the necessary updates.

This quality management system enables the company to follow all its processes from purchase to production and marketing and to evaluate customer complaints and feedbacks properly and reflect them to production processes. The quality of the goods or services, which are the product of such a flawless system, emerges as a natural result of all these processes.

GMP includes protective measures related to internal and external conditions in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of product contamination from internal and external sources. This application is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of food products and is a series of techniques which must be applied continuously in the stages of raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage and distribution in order to ensure quality in products. It is a quality approach for manufacturing and ensures the professional operation of food industry employees and ensures reliable and effective product production.

GMP deals with all aspects of a business and its basic features with different criteria for each production process. Identify and control the quality and reliability of production, environment, equipment and production process, personnel and raw materials.

FDA approval refers to the regulatory process by which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates and grants its authorization for the marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and certain other products. This rigorous and comprehensive assessment involves thorough reviews of scientific data, clinical trials, manufacturing practices, labeling, and safety profiles to ensure that a product is effective, safe, and properly labeled for its intended use. FDA approval signifies that the agency has concluded, based on the available evidence, that the benefits of the product outweigh its potential risks and that it meets the necessary quality standards. This authorization is a critical milestone that allows companies to legally market their products in the United States, offering consumers access to treatments and devices that have met the FDA’s high standards for safety and efficacy.


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